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Charter Rights: Immigration Status and Community Groups

charter rights: But if you are refugee claimants who are working, have a child born in Canada and have a real need for the money, you are still not eligible, according to Toronto Star. Take a vote Go is currently representing six clients who are challenging the Canada Revenue Agency CRA over the differential treatment, which they argue violates their charter rights based on immigration status. The irony is we are allowing other temporary residents in Canada to claim this benefit as long as they have lived here for 18 months even if they may not need the money, said Avvy Go, director of the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic in Toronto. Article Continued Below The legal clinic is working with other clinics and community groups to intervene in other such cases. Their children miss out on this critical poverty reducing program. It is unfair that Canadian-born children do not have access to the child benefit program because of the precarious status of their parents, said Debbie Douglas of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. ( As reported in the news.