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Canadian Council: Months and Wendell Block

canadian council: The constant worry about family members left behind, often in vulnerable and perilous conditions, is a major stressor, according to Toronto Star. The Canadian Council for Refugees estimates that it takes an average of 38 months for refugees to bring their partners and children to Canada that's 38 months after formal acceptance as a refugee. Another extremely negative consequence of these delays, which can stretch from months to years, is the extra time it adds to Canada's incredibly slow process of reuniting families. It's easy to imagine the pain this kind of extended separation brings. Wendell Block, Toronto Article Continued Below Do you want to help shapethe Toronto Star's future Join our team of readers who are passionate about journalism and share your views. Our refugee hearing system must provide adequate time and legal mechanisms to come to fair, correct decisions; but it must also be fast enough to allow refugees and their families to come together as quickly as possible. ( As reported in the news.