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Canada: Government Power and Authoritarianism Note

canada: How is a period of questioning authority giving rise to authoritarianism Note that this is not about the emergence and mobilization of neo-fascist groups -- these are clearly already present in Canada, according to Rabble. Nor is it about manifestations of white supremacy even fundamental ones -- that is also clear in the context of a settler colonial state. Such is the case in Canada, where many progressives are asking if a Trump could emerge and assume control of government. Rather, it is whether a far-right populist or outright fascist party or politician could assume the reins of formal political power --government power -- federally or provincially. Since 1992, Adams has been tracking in surveys 10,000 Canadians. In his new book, Michael Adams, founder of polling firm Environics and the Environics Institute, pursues answers to this question through a close reading of polling data over more than a decade. ( As reported in the news.