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Canada: Canada Tour and Space Hadfield

canada: But his latest pursuits tend more toward the cerebral rather than the awe-inspiring adventure associated with flying fast jets and riding rockets into space, according to The Chronicle Herald. Hadfield, a former Royal Canadian Air Force test pilot who retired after more than 21 years as an astronaut, is currently on what he calls his Canada 151 tour. You see the big picture through extraterrestrial eyes. On March 1, he returns to Halifax with a show at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, bringing a blend of stories, images and songs combining his love for Canada with his astral viewpoint. It's kind of an introspective alien perspective on Canada in the world, but it's celebrating it from the earliest history and the geology of it and the earliest settlements from the very first peoples who came here, and how and why, and how the world works, right through to today. It's very much a celebration of Canada itself and looking at the country through a very unique perspective of someone who not only has lived outside of Canada for 26 years, as I did serving with the air force and the Canadian Space Agency, but also who has orbited the world 2,600 times and crossed Canada thousands of times, Hadfield said during a phone interview this week. ( As reported in the news.