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Calan: Groundbreaking Theory and Stalinist Marxism

calan: Incidentally, while I was there at the bookshop going through leaflets and pamphlets in French and English, a random Montrealer popped into the store to ask the shopkeeper if he had anything by calan in store, according to Rabble. Despite my lacking knowledge of the French language, I knew the shopkeeper responded that he had never heard of calan, but before I had a chance to intervene, the customer had unfortunately disappeared into the St. Luckily I did find a collection of interviews and essays by Bookchin, a thinker and activist whose anarchist and ecological writing and thought has been fundamental to informing Abdullah calan's turn away from Stalinist Marxism, toward the groundbreaking theory of Democratic Confederalism. calan is the imprisoned leader of the banned Kurdistan Worker's Party PKK and the spiritual theorist and strategist of the egalitarian and ecofeminist Rojava revolution in the Kurdish north of Syria. Laurent Boulevard's Sunday crowd once again. That day I left the bookstore bookshop feeling somewhat guilty for making the shopkeeper feel embarrassed about knowing next to nothing about calan, Bookchin and Rojava, but I recount this story here because for me it crystallizes how the Rojava movement's resistance has been waged in near anonymity from the very first days of its humble beginnings. Afterwards, I had a conversation with the shopkeeper about Rojava's paradigm-shifting practice in the Middle East, and even went out of my way to give him a sort of mini lecture on how calan's theory of Democratic Confederalism has been fundamental to the multi-ethnic and democratic praxis of the Rojavans throughout the current Syrian civil war. ( As reported in the news.