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Calalta Figure: Moir Burst and Figure Disciplines

calalta figure: But over the last few years, many taking to the sport have cited the Ontario pair as motivation, crediting Virtue and Moir for injecting new energy into the discipline, according to CTV. Our sport has done really well for a long time because of Tessa and Scott, said Kimberley Weeks, manager of the ice dance program at the Calalta Figure Skating Club in Calgary. Ice dance, which has not always been the most high-profile among figure skating's disciplines, has experienced ebbs and flows in popularity since Virtue and Moir burst onto the senior competition circuit more than a decade ago, those in the field said. They have been around for such a very long time that they really have become mentors and role-models for Canadian ice dancers. That prestige is expected to grow after the dazzling competition that vaulted the pair into the history books on Tuesday. Virtue and Moir's consistently first-rate performances, such as the one they turned in at the Pyeongchang Olympics this week to the delight of fans around the world, have made them the face of the sport that has grown in prestige since the pair came on the scene, coaches said. ( As reported in the news.