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Asylum Interview: Israel and African Migrants

asylum interview: Even after the policy changed in 2013 and he was given an asylum interview by Israeli officials, his case remained undecided in 2016 when he was resettled in Toronto under a private sponsorship after meeting a Canadian doing humanitarian work in Israel, according to Toronto Star. With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government set to deport some 38,000 African migrants and refugees in Israel, GTA Jewish community groups are concerned for the safety of the deportees like Demoz. While he could not be forcibly removed from the country, he said he and other refugees from Eritrea and Sudan were also not allowed to seek asylum in Israel, where they end up after a gruelling journey through Libya and Egypt. By sending them back to Africa, they are going to put these people's lives at risk, said Demoz, who says that he fled the Eritrean regime after refusing to serve as an informant to flush out anti-government opposition. In Israel, critics of the policy, including Holocaust survivors, have staged protests against the government's move. He now studies psychology at York University Article Continued Below According to the Jerusalem Post, the Netanyahu government will carry out the mass deportations to an unspecified third country as early as March. ( As reported in the news.