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Anwar Family: Art and Syrian Refugee

anwar family: I wanted to find a way to express myself, but also help them find the best way to express themselves, she said, according to CBC. Syrian refugee opens artisan soap shop in Calgary Deshpande, who is the artist in residence at the Community Art Centre, reached out to five refugee families, and offered to teach them what she knows best art. When refugees from Syria, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries began resettling in Lethbridge two years ago, artist Amrita Deshpande knew she wanted to help. One, it's therapy, and two, it definitely brings out your emotions and also attracts people people get drawn to art, she said. She said the process of creating art made her feel nostalgic for her home country. Twelve-year-old Anwar Ahmed's family was part of the project. ( As reported in the news.