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Zbigniew Malysa: Malysa and Luc Valiquette

zbigniew malysa: He said he spoke to a resident, who spoke to him in English, according to CTV. When the doctor, Luc Valiquette, entered the room, Malysa said things changed. Zbigniew Malysa said he was referred by his general practitioner to an urologist at the CHUM superhospital facility for tests. Valiquette began speaking to some of the residents, reviewing some of Malysa's records. He ripped up the appointment slip for the next appointment put it in the garbage and started arguing with the residents . They didn't say any words, he just said, Do you know what this means How expensive this is ' Malysa said Valiquette was speaking in French during the outburst, and he eventually began questioning Malysa about his origins. He started to be furious, he said. ( As reported in the news.