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Year-End: Year-End Series and Person

year-end: Without it, she would have still been the loudest person there, according to Toronto Star. When the DREAMers chanted their chants, calling on the president and Congress to pass a law, now, to give them permanent legal status in the United States, her cry rang out a beat longer than her fellow activists', her tone a little rawer, as if she was convinced that Trump himself might hear her. Our year-end series looks at some of the causes that got us riled up at universities, online and in the Loera, at four-foot-11 the smallest person at the rally across the street from the White House, brought a megaphone to amplify her voice. Clean DREAM Act . . . Article Continued Below She leaned back, her eyes closed in concentration. It was also a calculated decision. react-empty 180 Loera has decided to be loud, she said later, because of all the times she has been silenced. Now! It was genuine emotion. ( As reported in the news.