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Women and Donald Trump

year: The threat galvanized millions of people to take to the streets across the globe, smashing bystanderism and launching a pipeline of young leaders, according to Toronto Star. One year later, some of those young women led the thousands who gathered in Toronto on Saturday for the second Women's March, one of at least 38 rallies in the country, with the mission of inspiring, unifying and leading the charge for advancement of women across Canada. Time to move on Last year, rising fundamentalism around the world with Donald Trump's election as U.S. president at its pinnacle exposed the vulnerability of hard-fought women's rights that were considered done and dusted. Its theme was defining a new future. Read more Article Continued Below Analysis Daniel Dale Marches against Trump turn into a wave of Democratic women running for office Canadians join global women's marches on one-year anniversary of Trump inauguration Women's marches return to streets around the globe to rally against Trump, sexual assault react-empty 180 When Rana Nasrazadani spoke of systemic barriers to ableism, thanking her supporters as well as those who tried to hold her back, and Zainab Arkani brought people to tears with stories of atrocities against her fellow Rohingyas, and Kassandra Neranjan hailed the power of unacknowledged, impoverished female heroes of colour, and Janelle Hinds talked about the importance of hope for young Black girls, they expanded the scope of feminist focus to include white supremacy, immigration and refugee rights. react-text 187 The impact of the Women's March movement on Canada and the world has been called incalculable and incandescent by leaders in the feminist movement. /react-text Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star When Jessica Bolduc talked of walking for the future that is lost and the future that wants to emerge, she folded into feminist resistance the tragedies of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls. On Saturday, that future looked diverse and Indigenous. ( As reported in the news.