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War Victims: Canadian Charity and Music Matter

war victims: In the background, a distinctively African beat gets mashed up with a bit of hip-hop, according to CBC. The tune is just one of several that appear on two albums written and performed by civilian war victims from Congo and recently released through Warner Music Canada. Those empowering lyrics appear in the song Mon corps n'est pas une arme My Body Is Not a Weapon by a singer named Sandra. The albums Mon corps n'est pas une arme and Keshu ni situ mupya Tomorrow Is a New Day were recorded in Swahili and French, and contain a total of 12 songs. She was raped, became pregnant, lost the child, became HIV positive from the rape and spent time in hospital, said Ataman, who oversaw the recording and is the founder and CEO of the Canadian charity Make Music Matter. It was partly through the work of Winnipeg-based music producer Darcy Ataman that Sandra's composition became a full-fledged song. ( As reported in the news.