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Wage Hikes: Wage and Canadian Provinces

wage hikes: In both processes, the planned increases have generated significant public debate, including the predictable circulation of exaggerated claims about the supposed harmful effects of minimum wage increases and stereotypes of who will benefit, according to National Observer. I'd like to use recent economic research on minimum wage hikes to debunk five of the most common claims, using examples from several Canadian provinces. Ontario will reach the same wage rate on January 1, 2019. Claim 1. Not only is the province raising the minimum wage to a level that is proportionally higher than anything known before, but it is doing it within an incredibly short timeline. Large minimum wage increases are without precedents ; Earlier this week, Tristin Hopper wrote in the National Post that Ontario's minimum wage will rise 29 per cent from 11.60 to 15 within the span of a year. ( As reported in the news.