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Virtue Sticks and Sochi Olympics

ice: Virtue and Moir won their eighth Canadian ice dance title Saturday, with a program to music from Moulin Rouge! that was both passionate and provocative, according to The Chronicle Herald. In one particularly steamy lift that prompted questions from reporters, Virtue sticks a toe pick in the ice to propel herself up backwards so that she's straddling Moir's shoulders, her hands clasping the back of his head. So when they returned to the competitive arena last season after a two-year hiatus, the three-time world champions weren't content with being the same skaters that left the sport after their silver medal performance at the Sochi Olympics. Moir called it suggestive. We knew taking the ice at the Olympic Games again meant that we had to have a different style, and we wanted to make a bit of a different statement, and if that was bringing a certain edge or sexuality or darkness or a contemporary feeling to it, mission accomplished I guess. I think 'edgy' would probably summarize most of the program quite well, and that's what we were going for, Virtue said. ( As reported in the news.