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Universite Laval: Azzedine Soufiane and Abdelkrim Hassane

universite laval: They originally came from Morocco, Algeria and Guinea, according to Toronto Star. They were fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and respected members of the local Muslim community. This was the day when six Muslim men were shot dead after evening prayers in a Quebec City mosque.A local halal grocery store owner, a professor at Universite Laval, three civil servants and a pharmacy worker were brutally slain that night. Remember their names Ibrahima Barry aged 39 Mamadou Tanou Barry aged 42 Khaled Belkacemi aged 60 Aboubaker Thabti aged 44 Abdelkrim Hassane aged 41 and Azzedine Soufiane aged 57 . One year later, it is time to pause and reflect on some of the lessons we must learn from this tragedy. Legal experts have said sections of the Criminal Code dealing with terrorism are aimed at those who commit the crime in collaboration with a terrorist group, meaning it's difficult to prosecute a lone gunman. Lesson 1 The alibi of white exceptionalism Article Continued Below While condemned as a terrorist attack by many, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the accused shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette, a 26-year-old student from Universite Laval, faces first-degree murder charges but has not been charged with any terrorism crimes. ( As reported in the news.