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Truthfulness: News Stories

truthfulness: The Chronicle Herald caught up with four MPs to talk about what's on their plate in the coming months, according to The Chronicle Herald. You may be familiar with the term fake news through U.S. President Donald Trump, but the issue of news stories with questionable levels of truthfulness gaining huge traction on social media is not unique to Canada's neighbour to the south. The House of Commons sits again on Jan. 29 after a six-week hiatus. It's one of a number of files Halifax MP Andy Fillmore will be working on in 2018 in his role as parliamentary secretary to the minister of democratic institutions. Another area of focus for Fillmore will be launching a commission for political debates at a federal level something Fillmore said will make for a more informed electorate. More and more of us are getting our news through social media outlets, so we're encouraging conversations about what is the responsibility of outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Google to ensure people aren't just living in a bubble but have ready access to diversity of viewpoints on any given issue, Fillmore said. ( As reported in the news.