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Trump Denigrated: Trump and King

trump denigrated: For African-Americans in particular, this latest insult from Trump felt like whiplash, according to CTV. Barely a year ago, America's first black president, Barack Obama, marked his final King Day in office with his usual community service; now, his successor is presiding over a racial backlash the country has hardly seen in more than a generation. In the same week that he honoured King by making a national park out of the ground where King was born and preached until his death, Trump denigrated practically the entire African diaspora, and left many Americans headed into the civil rights icon's birthday convinced that the leader of their country is a racist. Trump has denied being racist, labeling himself the least racist person there is during his 2016 campaign. He began last week by designating the historic site around King's Atlanta birth home as a national park. Some of his actions leading up to this year's federal holiday honouring King's birth seemed to be an attempt to live up to that. ( As reported in the news.