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Travel Agency: Polka and Sound Investment

travel agency: Rating NNIn the mid-90s, Jan Lewan shortened from Lewandowski was a Grammy-nominated polka singer who hopped around in sparkly suits while rousing crowds of seniors with Polish folk tunes, according to NOW Magazine. A thick-accented immigrant to America, he also ran a souvenir shop selling trinkets and amber from Poland, ran a record label and a travel agency organizing European tours that promised meet-and-greets with the Pope. Now streaming on Netflix. The only thing that kept these businesses afloat was the millions pouring in from seniors convinced that Lewan's Polka Empire was a sound investment. His investors, who also seemed to dig polka music, wouldn't catch on that this was just one big and truly bizarre Ponzi scheme. He promised and often delivered 12 to 20 per cent interest. ( As reported in the news.