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Transit Hub: Union Station

transit hub: As a historic building in the heart of the city, there are a lot of quirks that you might not notice everyday when you're rushing through to catch the train, according to NOW Magazine. Rooftop Shooting Range When Union Station opened in 1927, it was accompanied by the launch of Canadian National Recreation Association CNRA handgun club who kept space on the top floor of the east wing. Union Station was designated a national historic site of Canada in 1975 and as Canada's busiest transit hub, the station has been part of Canada's history for more than 90 years. The purpose of the club was to allow Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway police to hone their skills with firearms, but it was later opened to the public. Even the Prince of Wales was stunned by the scale and ambition of the building. The range was shut down in 2008 by city council in light of rising gun violence in Toronto.A Royal Whoa With a fa ade that measured 230 metres long and massive exterior columns, Union Station is an impressive by any standard. ( As reported in the news.