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Tps Program: Tps Status and Countries

tps program: The U.S. has argued the temporary nature of the program has been abused, and the conditions like natural disasters or conflict that had made it unsafe for people to return to certain countries have changed, according to National Observer. But that's left thousands of people facing deportation to countries they haven't lived in for years. Their status expires in March, and with the U.S. ending what's known as the TPS program for thousands of nationals from other countries in recent months, it's likely Salvadorans are next. When asked what he'd do if he lost his TPS status, Salvadoran Carlos Reyes, 40, who lives in Long Island, N.Y., told Newsday that Canada was an option. My life and everything is here. One thing I know is I'm going to lose my job, and if I don't have a job, what can I do I don't want to go there to El Salvador but I won't be able to stay here, he told the American newspaper this week. ... There's Canada, but I don't know anything about Canada. ( As reported in the news.