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Sun Sea: Sharon Bala and Tamil Tigers

sun sea: While Sun Sea's arrival made international news, few details were shared about the refugees' identities because of a court-ordered publication ban, according to Toronto Star. And so in 2013, when Sharon Bala, a Sri Lankan-Canadian writer living in St. Starving and exhausted, the asylum-seekers believed they had found freedom in Canada only to be arrested by armed border guards and the RCMP. A year later, history repeated when a second group of 492 Sri Lankans aboard the ship MV Sun Sea were detained in suspicion of their ties to the Tamil Tigers, a militant organization that had been banned in Canada as a violent terrorist group. John's, began researching for The Boat People her debut novel inspired by the real-world events she was forced to play detective by piecing together snippets of their backgrounds and experiences while imprisoned. I looked for everything I could find, says Bala. The boat was a bit of a black box. ( As reported in the news.