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Signature Pledge: Official Campaign and Offer

signature pledge: Schumer said the offer was being taken off the table, according to CBC. While it's arguably a setback, the administration has been making progress toward additional barriers along the 3,145-kilometre border, a signature pledge for Trump since he first brought up the notion of a fence at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January 2015, five months before his official campaign launch. The White House rejected the characterization, saying no offer existed, but Texas Republican John Cornyn and Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin said the offer entailed 25 billion US for the wall and other border security measures, spread over several years. Why Trump's desire for a protectionist wall threatens more than Don Pittis What's up with Trump's border wall Prototypes are ready to test, but it's a bit more complicated in Texas Trump's border security ideas evolved on the hustings, as he frequently exhorted supporters at his rallies in chants of Build that wall! Here's a look at how the issue has evolved since Trump was inaugurated as president just over a year ago. Earlier in the year, the pair had a contentious phone call about the border wall. Trump meets Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto in Germany on July 7. ( As reported in the news.