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Sign Rohingya: Rohingya and Return Home

sign rohingya: A statement on the military commander-in-chief's Facebook page said the Rohingya found in the mass grave had threatened Buddhist villagers and were killed in retaliation, according to Toronto Star. Read more Burma couple risks lives for love amid Rohingya crisis Article Continued Below No sign Rohingya will be allowed to return home What have they done to us ' Survivors recount brutal massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Burmese village The UN and other groups accuse the military of widespread atrocities against Rohingya, including killings, rapes and the burning of homes. The public admission of wrongdoing is the military's first since it launched clearance operations against ethnic Rohingya in August, prompting more than 650,000 to flee into neighbouring Bangladesh in what the United Nations has called ethnic cleansing. But the military has insisted that there has been no wrongdoing by any security forces. react-empty 160 The government of Buddhist-majority Burma has refused to accept Rohingya Muslims as a minority group, even though they have lived in the country for generations. Rohingya were stripped of their citizenship in 1982, denying them almost all rights and rendering them stateless. They are widely called Bengalis and are accused of migrating illegally from Bangladesh. ( As reported in the news.