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Senate Leaders: House and Camp David

senate leaders: Trump spent much of Friday and Saturday morning hashing out his 2018 agenda with GOP House and Senate leaders, top White House aides and select Cabinet members at the presidential retreat at Camp David, according to The Chronicle Herald. He described the sessions as incredible and perhaps transformative in certain ways. Emerging from closed-door meetings with Republican leaders, President Donald Trump on Saturday held out the prospect of a deal with Democrats on the fate of young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children but appeared to put a welfare system overhaul once a top White House priority on the back burner. A long list of high-stakes topics were on the agenda, from national security and infrastructure to the budget and 2018 midterm election strategy. We hope that 2018'll be a year of more bipartisan co-operation, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters, predicting a significant number of Democrats would be interested in supporting Trump's agenda. Though Democrats were not included in the discussions, the leaders some dressed casually in jeans, khakis and sweaters said they were optimistic that more Democrats would be working with Republicans. ( As reported in the news.