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Rohingya: Repatriation Myanmar

rohingya: It said they agreed that the process would be completed preferably within two years from the commencement of repatriation, according to CBC. Myanmar and Bangladesh signed an initial agreement in November to repatriate the Rohingya, and the 30-member working group was set up last month to oversee the process. The ministry said a joint working group from the two countries finalized an agreement on Monday on the physical arrangements for the repatriation of the ethnic Rohingya. Many have questions whether the Rohingya would return to Myanmar under the current circumstances, and whether Myanmar would accept them and allow them to live freely. Denied citizenship More than 650,000 ethnic Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since August, when Myanmar's military launched a brutal crackdown in Rakhine state after a militant group attacked police posts. Over 6,700 Rohingya killed in a single month, Doctors Without Borders estimates Destruction of Rohingya villages continues Human Rights Watch Under the November agreement, Rohingya will need to provide evidence of their residency in Myanmar in order to return something many say they do not have. ( As reported in the news.