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Rent Space: Vietnam War and Guard Members

rent space: His campus tour organizer asked this week to rent space at Kent State's Student Multicultural Center on May 4 the date when, in 1970, Ohio National Guard members fired into a crowd protesting the Vietnam war and killed four students, according to Metro News. Each year, the school remembers the shootings with events on campus. Spencer, a leading figure in the white nationalist movement, and his associates have sought to speak at universities across the country, leading to lawsuits and battles over the fundamental right to free speech at public universities. The university said it can't accept the request because the first two weeks in May are too busy with the end of the academic year. Spencer has been barred by several schools from speaking on campus and has lawsuits pending against some. Kent State values respectful dialogue from all points of view, including ideology that is controversial or offensive, the university said. ( As reported in the news.