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Quebec Solidaire: Cent and Change Legault

quebec solidaire: Leader Francois Legault is putting the emphasis on his team and presented a new slogan the team of change, according to CTV. Legault began the two-day meeting by telling MNAs and other that he hopes they are well-rested because there will not be any vacation until after October 1, the date of the vote. Adele this week to prepare for the spring session of the National Assembly -- but more importantly, to lay the groundwork for this year's provincial election. CAQ is doing well in polls and believes it could form next government; a new poll by Mainstreet Research shows the CAQ ahead with 32 per cent of the vote, the Liberal Party just behind that at 31 per cent, the PQ lagging behind at 18 per cent, and Quebec solidaire at 15 per cent. It's a challenge that another third party, the ADQ, faced a decade ago, when Quebecers decided that Mario Dumont did not have a strong enough team to become government. The party said it recognizes it needs to break the perception that Legault is a one-man show. ( As reported in the news.