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Point Value: World View and Telephone Polls

point value: The methodology Two telephone polls from June and December probed respondents for their opinions in categories covering their economic outlook on the future and sense of class mobility, how well they know Canada's ethnic makeup, their racial tolerance and finally, whether they believe so-called populism is a good or bad thing, according to The Chronicle Herald. The answer to each question was allotted a point value. EKOS Research and The Canadian Press sought to explore to what extent similar discontent exists here and in particular, where, by devising an index to measure attitudes. Negative answers such as respondents reporting they were falling backward received more points than positive ones. The higher the point total, the more 'ordered' a person's world view. The sum of the points determined where someone sits on a spectrum of views ranging from 'open' to 'mixed' to 'ordered'. Put another way, it measures how insecure Canadians are feeling. ( As reported in the news.