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Person: Training Camp and Opening Day

person: It's a bit of a shame that we're being led by a person that doesn't share those same ideals, according to Metro News. So it's unfortunate to hear those comments again but it's a narrative that we've gotten used to over the past year and unfortunately it's one that's grown far too popular. It's just another example of a person that time and time again shows that he's unfit, whether it be mentally, emotionally, just unable to kind of identify with a country that has moved on in so many ways, that has so many new ideas, so many forward ways of thinking, Altidore said when asked about Trump's comments on the opening day of Toronto's training camp. Trump, in a private meeting with legislators in January, reportedly challenged immigration from shithole'' African countries, disparaged Haiti and said the U.S. should welcome more immigration from countries like Norway. They came with no English and without a dollar to their name. Altidore said his parents, at 24 or 25, fled Haiti separately to escape the dictatorship of Papa Doc Francois Duvalier. ( As reported in the news.