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Offer: Government Shutdown and Wall Offer

offer: So we're going to have to start on a new basis and the wall offer is off the table, Schumer told reporters, according to CBC. An aide said the offer was pulled on Sunday. A day after the end of a government shutdown linked to wrangling over immigration, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he pulled the offer because of what he said was Trump's failure to follow through on the outlines of an agreement the two men discussed last Friday. What's up with Trump's border wall Prototypes are ready to test, but it's a bit more complicated in Texas Why Trump's desire for a protectionist wall threatens more than Don Pittis The Congressional Hispanic Caucus expressed fears on Tuesday that Republicans in the House of Representatives would pursue a harsh immigration bill written by judiciary committee chairman Bob Goodlatte. During the 2016 election campaign, Trump said Mexico would pay the cost of building a wall along the southwestern border of the United States to keep out illegal immigrants. The House measure would allow Dreamers to renew their legal status for three years, instead of putting them on a pathway to citizenship, and would call for hiring 10,000 more agents at U.S. borders while shutting down some visa programs and taking other steps to find people who are in the country illegally. ( As reported in the news.