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Non-English-Speaking Mother: Show and Nguyen

non-english-speaking mother: Rating NNNNYou know a show is special when an audience is roaring with laughter one minute and gently sobbing the next, according to NOW Magazine. That happened several times during the sold-out weekday afternoon opening of Good Morning, Viet Mom, Franco Nguyen's solo show about being raised in Canada by his Vietnamese-born, non-English-speaking mother. See listing. Nguyen has developed the show a lot since its premiere last Fringe, when it was called Soaring Under Liquid Skies. The script is centred around Nguyen's trips back to Vietnam to see his dying grandmother, which makes him consider his mom in a new light. He no longer consults notes during the show and he's got a maturity and relaxed quality onstage that goes with his natural swagger and cockiness. ( As reported in the news.