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Nikita Chauhan: Job Application and Grocery Store

nikita chauhan: This is the real Toronto the real Canada a place that prides itself for being multicultural, but lurks with subtle acts of racism with every stare, job application and your everyday visit to the grocery store, according to Toronto Star. We all are under an unquestioned assumption that these insidious acts don't happen here. Because of the internalized racism within this nation and our inability to look beyond stereotypes, they are treated as third-class citizens. We bought the lie of multiculturalism and believed it without further thought. Article Continued Below Nikita Chauhan, Brampton Read more about Brampton Do you want to help shapethe Toronto Star's future Join our team of readers who are passionate about journalism and share your views. It's research like this that, I hope, paints a more realistic picture of what Canada truly is like. ( As reported in the news.