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Multimedia Show: Thursday Night and Tafelmusik Orchestra

multimedia show: Paul's Centre, according to Toronto Star. The show's premise is simple to demonstrate to us through words, music and projected images how refugees have, for hundreds of years, improved the cultures that have welcomed them into their midst. That's the soul-lifting upshot of seeing and hearing Safe Haven, Tafelmusik Orchestra's latest multimedia show, unveiled on Thursday night at Trinity-St. Tafelmusik bassist Alison Mackay's assembly of the music, narratives and images with the help of videographer Rava Javanfar into a tidy, two-hour presentation including intermission is anything but simple, but the complexity of the puzzle is hidden by the seamlessness of its execution. She was nothing short of dazzling in her solo work in the Winter movement from Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Members of the Tafelmusik Orchestra, who play on European instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries, were in excellent form under their new musical director, Elisa Citterio. ( As reported in the news.