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Mother Minutes: State Department and Donor Eggs

mother minutes: To remedy what their parents, a gay married couple, view as an injustice, Ethan Dvash-Banks became a plaintiff at the tender age of 16 months in a federal lawsuit against the U.S. State Department that seeks the same rights his brother has as an American citizen, according to CTV. Each boy was conceived with donor eggs and the sperm from a different father - one an American, the other an Israeli citizen - but born by the same surrogate mother minutes apart. Everything but a toothbrush and U.S. citizenship. What we're trying to do is pursue justice for Ethan, said Elad Dvash-Banks, Ethan's biological dad, and correct a wrong that the State Department is continuing to pursue that might affect other couples. The cases filed in Los Angeles and Washington by Immigration Equality said the children of a U.S. citizen who marries abroad are entitled to U.S. citizenship at birth no matter where they are born and even if the other parent is a foreigner. The lawsuit was one of two filed Monday by an LGBTQ immigrant rights group that said the State Department is discriminating against same-sex binational couples by denying their children citizenship at birth. ( As reported in the news.