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Megan Mcdowell: Chebucto Connections and Phone Response

megan mcdowell: She says she is thrilled to be contributing to Chebucto Connections and its collaborative approach to community outreach, according to The Chronicle Herald. It is so unusual in this crazy time, when the water is rising up on everyone, to have a place like that, where you don't get an automated phone response or someone saying, Sorry, we don't have anything to offer you,' says Jones. Jones will be joined during the first half of the event by fellow artists Rhys Bevan-John, Megan McDowell and Veronique Mac Kenzie. Chebucto Connections serves an area stretching from the Armdale Rotary to Sambro and the staff hopes this fundraiser will draw wider attention to the range of work they do. ECHO community organizations share a rotating physical presence at Chebucto Connections' space on Herring Cove Road as well as a virtual hub online to provide information and access to services. Most of their programs also fall under the umbrella of ECHO Eastern Chebucto Hub Operations which, as Christina Carter, operations manager of Chebucto Connections explains, is a group of organizations looking at how to deal with the most vulnerable people. ( As reported in the news.