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Lynn Beyak: Senate Website and Beyak

lynn beyak: Beyak had posted roughly 100 letters in support of her earlier defence of residential schools where some 6,000 Indigenous children died from malnutrition and disease to her Senate website, according to CBC. In a statement, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said he found out about the letters on Tuesday and asked Beyak to remove some of the comments, but she refused. Lynn Beyak, known for defending residential schools as well-intentioned, has been kicked out of the Conservative caucus after she refused to remove racist comments posted to her Senate website. Scheer's spokesperson, Jake Enwright, said the conversation took place over the phone. Lynn Beyak under fire for 'racist, offensive, hurtful' letters posted to Senate website Who would be na ve to think that alcohol, drugs, incest would not have found their way into the lives of the North's children, read one of the letters flagged by Scheer's office. Sen. ( As reported in the news.