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Lists: Name and Canadian Passport

lists: This is leading to work permits being issued with the names in the wrong order last as first and first as last, according to Toronto Star. The invalid permits are leaving refugees unable to provide for their families. Unlike the Canadian passport, which lists a person's last name followed by their first name on two separate lines, the Eritrean passport lists the first name followed by the last on one line. Read more Opinion Do Black migrants lives matter at the U.S.-Canada border Article Continued Below Canada's refugee board abruptly changes its scheduling system amid surging backlog Rule keeping refugees' dependants away draws fire I couldn't work, I couldn't help myself and my family, said Abduselam Aman, a refugee from Eritrea who applied for a work permit for himself and his wife in March 2017, two months after they arrived in Canada. react-empty 180 My wife still doesn't have her permit. Aman and his wife, Munira Abdulkeni, received their work permits with their names switched around two months after applying a mistake most employers will not look past. We are lost, we don't know who to contact anymore or what to say. ( As reported in the news.