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Lipopolysaccharides Lps: People and Lps Molecules

lipopolysaccharides lps: An ability to detect sick people would allow people to avoid being close to sick people, and hence minimise the risk of becoming sick if the person is a carrier of contagious disease, study co-author John Axelsson of Stockholm University told AFP. The research team experimented with 16 healthy volunteers, all Caucasian, according to CTV. Each was given a shot of lipopolysaccharides LPS -- molecules taken from bacteria. Such an ability to detect infection early, and from the subtlest of facial clues, has never been demonstrated before, but is presumed to be part of a crucial survival skill called disease avoidance they wrote. The LPS molecules are sterile, meaning that no live bacteria is injected. It is a method commonly used to cause infections in humans and people for experimentation purposes. But they cause a strong immune response and flu-like symptoms that lasts a few hours -- mimicking someone who is acutely sick and fighting off infection. ( As reported in the news.