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Lebanese-Canadian Neurologist: Test Nasreddine

lebanese-canadian neurologist: The Lebanese-Canadian neurologist learned from a reporter Tuesday afternoon that the White House had selected the Montreal Cognitive Assessment to test the president's faculties after days of speculation about his state, according to Toronto Star. This was the test Nasreddine developed as a young researcher two decades ago, in an effort to quickly assess, within 10 or 12 minutes, whether someone has suffered light cognitive impairment or the onset of Alzheimer's disease, by asking them to perform tasks such as drawing a clock, identifying animals and remembering words. That person was Ziad Nasreddine, the man who designed the test. Read more Article Continued Below White House to share more details about Trump's health later today react-text 155 Presidential physician Dr. He said he talks to Donald Trump daily, and didn't feel he even needed the test. /react-text Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press/Tribune News Service Trump set for first medical checkup as president in wake of Fire and Fury revelations, stable genius' comments He says it has now been used in 200 countries, in 60 languages, and has been deployed in one developing country to demonstrate its leader was no longer fit to govern. Ronny Jackson said he never doubted this president's cognitive ability. ( As reported in the news.