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Lady Bird: Boss Baby and Movie Theatres

lady bird: Not so for In the Fade, though, according to Vancouver Observer. See below . And why 7 nominations for films from Netflix Isn't it sort of a TV service Isn't it partly responsible for the severe decline in attendance at actual movie theatres last year Once again though, I'm happy that The Boss Baby was recognized. Sure, 13 for Shape of Water seems excessive, but Dunkirk, Three Billboards, Lady Bird and others got appropriate recognition. It won't win but it's a contender. Sadly, they weren't even nominated for Academy Awards. These are the new ones this week In the Fade 4 stars Maze Runner The Death Cure 3Hollow in the Land 2 Geek Girls 3 A Skin So Soft 3Some Other Guys 4 The film won a Golden Globe a couple of weeks ago and Diane Kruger won best actress at Cannes. ( As reported in the news.