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Immigration Reform: Opening Relations and Metro Phoenix

immigration reform: He also cited supporters who urged him to seek public office again after a crushing 2016 re-election defeat following six terms as sheriff of metro Phoenix, according to CTV. Then Trump offered the pardon last summer. The 85-year-old longtime lawman said the lack of support for Trump's agenda in Washington inspired him to make the bid. If I go to my grave, I don't think I'd be happy if I didn't take the shot to run, Arpaio said, adding that Trump had not asked him to run. Flake has sparred with Trump over free trade, immigration reform and opening relations with Cuba, even while supporting parts of the president's agenda, like recent tax cuts. Arpaio's plan could set up a race in which one of the president's most prominent supporters attempts to take over for one of his fiercest critics. ( As reported in the news.