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Hamzawy Lives: Egyptian Pounds and Judges Club

hamzawy lives: All the defendants are accused of insulting the judiciary by making statements that were made public either on TV, radio, social media or in publications that the court found to be inciting and expressing contempt toward the court and the judiciary, according to The Chronicle Herald. The court ordered Morsi to pay 1 million Egyptian pounds 56,270 as compensation to one of the judges. Hamzawy lives in exile. It also ordered 23 of the defendants, including Morsi, to pay 1 million Egyptian pounds each to a powerful union of judges known as the Judges Club, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported. The 2016 deal between the two countries sparked rare protests in Egypt. Also on Saturday, another court sentenced prominent activist and rights lawyer Mahinour el-Masry to two years in prison over participating in an illegal protest against the government's transfer of two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, lawyer Taher Aboelnasr said. ( As reported in the news.