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Haitian Immigrants: Farmworker Jobs and Employment Status

haitian immigrants: But Haitian immigrants and advocates complained Thursday's measures wouldn't help thousands of Haitians who still hold immigration documents showing their legal and work status expiring Monday, according to Metro News. And they were upset by another announcement Thursday from the Department of Homeland Security that people from Haiti, Belize and Samoa were no longer eligible to apply for visas for seasonal and farmworker jobs. Officials said the delays had to do with working out how Haitians will be able to prove their employment status until they must leave the country in July 2019. The department's explanation was that those nations had a high rate of fraud, abuse and people overstaying their visa's time limits. The number of Haitians who came into the country with nonagricultural visas was not disclosed. Between October 2015 and September 2016, 65 Haitians were allowed into the U.S. with seasonal farmworker visas, according to government data. ( As reported in the news.