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Haitian Flags: Rally Organizer and John F

haitian flags: The gathering was meant as a rebuke of a vulgar comment Trump made about Haiti and African nations during negotiations with congressional leaders over immigration policy, organizers said, according to Metro News. We can stand in the cold because we are fighting for what is right, said Geralde Gabeau, a rally organizer. Roughly 200 people came out to City Hall Plaza waving Haitian flags and holding signs critical of the president before marching silently next door to the John F. Kennedy Federal Building that houses many federal agencies. We are not going to repeat the words of the president because we are a people of character, grace and dignity. The special status allows foreign nationals to live and work in the United State temporarily when natural disasters or civil wars prevent them from returning to their home countries safely. Organizers also called on the Trump administration to re-examine its decision to terminate temporary protected status for tens of thousands of Haitians. ( As reported in the news.