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Grassroots Coding: Diversity and Gaming Passmore

grassroots coding: Grassroots coding, gaming groups tackle tech's diversity crisis Women In seeks to boost gender diversity in gaming Passmore is a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan Human-Computer Interaction Lab in Saskatoon, according to CBC. Driven to find out more about the impact of the lack of diversity in games, he started researching the impact to health and psychology. That one game where there is a Hispanic protagonist those sorts of tokenizing examples just don't match up with the actual data we're seeing, he told CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition on Friday. We started out talking to friends, people of colour, we created a survey that asked the types of questions that are on people's minds but get buried or not approached, said Passmore. Passmore said the results showed that the lack of diversity affected people in different ways depending on their own experiences. Effect is similar to 'everyday' racism researcher The 92-question survey was tested and then released to almost 300 Americans. ( As reported in the news.