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Government Shutdowns: States Government

government shutdowns: However, unlike previous government shutdowns in U.S. history that is, those that took place under the administrations of Presidents Carter, Reagan, Clinton, H.W. Bush and Obama President Trump's government shutdown had three characteristics that make it quite unique, according to Toronto Star. First, this was a self-induced government shutdown. On Saturday, the United States government was officially shut down. In effect, it was President Trump himself who suddenly decided to end DACA Deferral Action for Childhood Act upon its expiration in March, leaving the so-called Dreamers, their families, and the communities in which these young immigrants have been integrated in the limbo. Yet, negotiations ended when President Trump, using his self-promoted negotiation skills, managed to insult an entire continent, several countries, and various racial minorities in the U.S. Article Continued Below In truth, President Trump's unexpected changes-of-mind and continuous emotional outbursts are the root causes of today's government shutdown as the negotiating parties ended up losing trust in the President's word and the Democrats in the Senate using this government disruption as their last resource to force an immigration deal on DACA. It has become the norm; every crisis starts with Trump. This very action led Democrats and even some Republicans in Congress to propose a permanent legal protection for Dreamers in exchange for a more comprehensive immigration reform, which President Trump then conditioned upon his government receiving funding for his Wall. ( As reported in the news.