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German Film: Language Film

german film: How'd that happen said a stunned Fatih Akin as he accepted the award, according to Metro News. Thank you for elevating this movie even though it's in a foreign language. In the Fade, a German film that tackles terrorism from multiple, and multicultural, perspectives won the Golden Globe on Sunday for best foreign language film. Akin is a German-born filmmaker of Turkish descent whose film tells the tale of a woman, played by Diane Kruger, whose son and Turkish husband are killed in a bomb attack. The film alludes to a series of actual killings that shook Germany six years ago, when it came to light that police had spent more time investigating the possible mob connections of migrant victims than the tell-tale signs of the far-right plot eventually uncovered. I'm a German filmmaker, I live in Germany, I was born in Germany, Akin said later backstage, but my heart is in Turkey. ( As reported in the news.