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Fuelling Hope: System and Canadian Voters

fuelling hope: But Trudeau then reneged on his promise, claiming disingenuously, and against abundant and clear-cut evidence, that voters weren't interested in change, according to National Observer. Now B.C., with an upcoming referendum on proportional representation, has an opportunity to show the rest of the country and the U.S. what they have been missing. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to change the current system during the 2015 election campaign, fuelling hope among millions of Canadian voters. The U.S. system, and ours, is called the first-past-the-post system FPTP . It was inherited from our common British colonial masters a couple of hundred years ago. It's a system that pressures power-seeking insiders to aggressively seek to control voting outcomes. It's a system that leads inexorably to black-and-white, winner-takes-all outcomes. ( As reported in the news.