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Family Parents: Family Unit and Trades Worker

family parents: Even after they all fled to Batman, a city in southeastern Turkey, in 2013, they still lived in the same building, according to Toronto Star. Now, for the first time, their family unit would be pulled apart. His whole family parents, elder brother, three sisters and their spouses and children had always lived together in Damascus. Although his wife, two children and parents all arrived in Toronto with him in February 2016, the majority of the Darwish clan 19 adults and children are still languishing in Turkey, except for one sister and her family who were resettled to Brussels in November. There was a lot of crying when we left Batman, said Darwish, a skilled trades worker who came here as a resettled Syrian refugee sponsored by the Canadian government. Darwish's brother and his wife and children have been waiting since November 2016 for their application to come to Canada to be approved. ( As reported in the news.