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Facility: Dining Hall and Phone Interview

facility: She recalled in a recent interview what the guard had said to her, according to Metro News. I told her that I was going to tell the supervisor what was happening, Monterrosa said in a recent phone interview from the facility. Months after accusing a female guard at the facility of groping her and suggesting they have sex, Monterrosa says she still sees the guard in the dining hall and other parts of the facility. She sarcastically said, 'Do you think they'll believe you or me ' As the national discussion of sexual misconduct grows, advocates for immigrants say they hope the conversation will include immigrant detention facilities. Our immigrant prison system thrives on secrecy, said Christina Fialho, co-executive director of Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement, or CIVIC. If more people knew what was truly happening behind locked doors, I think there would be an outcry against the immigrant detention system. They point to the FBI announcing in December that it had opened a civil rights investigation into Monterrosa's case as a positive sign. ( As reported in the news.